As California’s medical cannabis industry moves from the shadows into the light, many of its operators such as cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensaries will have to consider things that they may have been able to avoid in a pre-MCRSA marketplace.  Evolving from a gray market, many existing or prospective operators may not know where to start when it comes to integrating their cannabis industry operations into the mainstream business enviroment while remaining cognizant of pending MCRSA requirements and what it looks like to be compliant with both.

Consequently, many existing and prospective commercial cannabis operators may seek assistance in wading through the murky quagmire of traditional business requirements and expenses, California labor law, human resource solutions, tax liabilities, local government relations and ordinances, and the state regulatory process.  

Unfortunately, in today’s emerging regulated medical cannabis marketplace, ‘compliance’ has become buzz word, as prolific as those entering the industry offering compliance services.  The problem is that very few regulations, outside of possible local ordinances, have been developed with which to comply. As such, be very careful when selecting an individual or firm to assist with your operations.  When considering potential consultants, there are three very important questions everyone should ask at the outset of an interview:

  •  What makes you qualified to provide the services in question?
  • How long have you been directly involved with California’s cannabis industry?
  • May I have a list of past and current clients that I can contact?

Roots Consulting stands apart from the emerging crowd of consulting firms in that they bring seven years of ‘boots on the ground’ California cannabis industry experience, over five years direct local government relations and strategy/interface experience as well as over 1000 hours engagement with the California State Legislature in 2015 working directly on policy analysis of the three bills that now make up the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act.

Whether you are a commercial cannabis operator looking for assistance in making sense of MCRSA or needing a local government liaison, or are a local jurisdiction looking for local cannabis policy analysis or local MMRSA implementation strategy, Roots Consulting can put/is ready to put their experience to work for you.

Jamie Kerr is the founder and CFO of 530 Collective Corporation, a cannabis dispensary which has been operating in compliance with local ordinance since 2009 and the dispensary’s spin-off wholesale edible line, 530 Edibles.  

In 2013, Jamie was unanimously appointed to the City of Shasta Lake Planning Commission where she currently serves as Chair.  Jamie has also previously served as vice-President of the Shasta Lake Chamber of Commerce, of which 530 Collective has been a member since 2009.  In early 2014, after discussions during the city’s Ad Hoc committee meetings regarding cannabis, Jamie spearheaded what would become the Measure C ballot initiative to tax the gross revenue of the city’s cannabis dispensaries which now generates over $300,000 annually for the city’s general fund.

Also in 2013, 530 Collective Corporation joined the California Cannabis Industry Association and in early 2014 Jamie was appointed to CCIA’s board of directors where she served until April 2015. 

In 2015, 530 Collective Corporation became Founding Member of California Growers Association.  Throughout the 2015 legislative session serving as CGA’s Chief Policy Advisor, Jamie logged close to 1,000 volunteer hours working in active support of responsible cannabis regulation and was directly engaged on each of the three bills—AB243, AB266, SB643—which now make up the Medical Cannabis and Safety Act of 2015.  

In November 2015, Jamie participated in a fact-finding trip to Denver, Colorado coordinated through the office of Board of Equalization Chair, Fiona Ma.  The trip included meetings with the following:

  •     Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division
  •     Colorado Governor’s Office - Office of Marijuana Coordination 
  •     Colorado Department of Revenue
  •     Colorado Department of Agriculture, Pesticide Regulation
  •     Fourth Corner Credit Union founders

In 2016, Jamie shifted her focus from the legislative process to local government and community outreach, focusing on MCRSA education and implementation in cities and counties throughout northern California. Additionally, in March 2016, Jamie went to Washington D.C. and met with six congressional offices to discuss one of the biggest challenges the cannabis industry faces:  banking.

To date, 530 Collective Corporation employs 16 full time employees and has its edible products represented in preferred dispensaries throughout California.