Jamie’s years of leadership as both an acting city official and as a successful cannabis business owner have made her one of California’s most sought after cannabis speakers on cannabis. From banking to business, policy to medicine, women’s issues to the environment, local enforcement to statewide regulation and beyond, Jamie's deep knowledge about the industry touches many topics.

Jamie can be found on stage at events, in the board rooms of banks and businesses, and in meeting rooms of city halls and state capitals. Previous speaking engagements include the Emerald Cup, CANORML’S Women’s Alliance, CannaFest, the Elevated Cannabis Compliance Conference and Cultivating Community, to name just a few.

Often called upon to provide valuable insight to businesses and policymakers, Jamie has even lobbied Washington DC on the important issue of banking. Jamie works with industry leaders like Meadow and Women Grow, policymakers like the California Association of Environmental Health Administrators and California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation, and cities like Shasta Lake, Redding and Cloverdale.

She has presented on college campuses to students at U.C. Berkeley and Shasta College. A founding member of the California Growers Association, Jamie regularly speaks on panels at CGA events. She has presented to the editorial boards of the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Sacramento Bee and the Saint Helena Star.